Amy Mcquaig and Mary Mcquaig - Mom & Daughter Talent Management NATIONAL SCAM

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Amy Mcquaig & Mary Mcquaig of Jacksonville, FL are operating a talent management & fashion business. Ranging from portfolio building (photography) to entertainment etiquette training, their business is supposed to help aspiring talent establish a reputation in the industry.

As part of their Autumn program, several families across the US paid thousands of dollars to embark a trip with them where they were told they would meet with industry executives to sign contracts and that Mcquaig had connections to Mark Cuban, Take 3 Talent Agency, Faces Model Agency, Mannequin Modeling Agency, Collins Ave. and Backroads Entertainment. I was hired to come on board as one of the talent managers (not knowing their work ethic); and was never paid my salary or reimbursed for expenses. Once families were in NY, everything fell apart as we all found out Amy & Mary had no connections.

They then ran off with everyone's money and cancelled the hotel reservations; families were stuck trying to come up with ways to get back home with no financial resources. She then slandered my name (and several others) claiming the reason things didn't work out is because of predatory & inappropriate behavior (claimed I was a *** & did ***). This woman has run beauty pageant scams, raised money for the disabled and run off with it, and continues to prey on the dreams of families and their children. Her daughter knowingly participates in the scams with her.

After scamming us all out, their whole family went to New Mexico for vacation while the rest of us were left out thousands of dollars. We filed a police report while in NY. All involved families have written statements.

Mcquaig was served with a cease and desist letter and demand letter; which she has ignored and not fulfilled her obligations or refunded the appropriate funds. The "value of loss" I am including is for my loss only (unpaid salary and non-reimbursed expenses) and does not reflect her current financial standing with the other families.

Review about: Fashion Business.

Monetary Loss: $4500.



Now Amy & Mary are now running an event planning, (904) 703-7123.

Her husband, Mark McQuain did 6 years in prison in florida for assault and weapon charges, amoung other charges! Amy has a record also.

hopefully this will save some ppl from possibly getting ripped off!


Names AKA: amy knolls

Mother: Deborah Elgin

Mother in law: Mary McQuain Husband: Mark Mcquain

to Anonymous #1138385

1st of all my name is Amy McQuaig not Amy Mcquain. My husband has never been arrested not even so much as a speeding ticket ever.

I do not have a record and never been arrested. I ignored the 1st thing from years ago because of lies but I will not ignore this. My maiden name is Knowles not Knolls.

If your going to lie about me please don't go so far as to misspell my name. Thank You


This also happened to a large group of people in the summer of 2010. Everyone was evicted in NYC and money was gone.

to Anonymous #1243899

Got proof?


Does Anyone else have a problem playing The $5,000 Jackpot????

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